From farm to fork with nothing in-between

At eviotopi the meat that we produce comes from healthy animals that have been humanely treated. Our animals are raised 100% organically according to the Europen Union's guidelines.

From our farms, to your table we oversee all the steps of the process.

That’s how we produce meat of high nutritional value.

We evolve standing by our core values

We have increased production through selective partnerships with organically certified farmers across Greece. We are very thorough when choosing our partner. It is the only way to ensure quality to the consumers. 

We evolve

By creating strategic partnerships with organically certified farmers across Greece. 


Synergy SA, Kirinthos, Evia Island

Our certified organic farm is located in the northern part of Evia island. Here, our animals are raised as nature intended. The farm is open to the public- come and pay us a visit.

Vasilakis Nikolaos

Mitikas, Etoloakarnania

This farm produces meat of high nutritional value as it is surrounded by wetlands, in the western part of Greece. This strategic partnership concerns only cattle raising for beef production.


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