We are what we eat

Our livestock is never fed with animal by-products and is always hormone and antibiotic free.
That's the right way to raise animals. 


Our facilities are organically certified. From our farms to our meat processing plant and our shops.


They are fed on organic corn, wheat, rye, pulses, barley and chick peas.


Organic farming results in exceptionally tasting meat which maintains all its nutritional value.

Lamb & Goat

They are fed on a mixture of dried grain and cereal.


Reared and bred under conditions which allow for milder growth rates and according to the standards of organic farming.

Here at eviotopi, we produce high quality meat so that you feel safe with what you are eating.  Our production is vertically integrated – which means we control every step of the process, providing you with complete traceability and transparency. You are welcome to visit our farms and meat processing plant.


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